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About McKernan Sports & Entertainment

McKernan Sports and Entertainment is headed up by a trilogy of men who have experience in sports management, marketing, public relations, advertising and organization. These three men together are a powerful weapon that is a big boost to any franchise or event in New Mexico.


MICHAEL MCKERNAN: As the president of McKernan Sports and Entertainment, Michael is head of a company that employs 25 salespersons. He directs a company that handles promotions, marketing, advertising and group ticketing for almost 20 sports teams or events. He has a vision, and compassion for sports!


Michael has been involved in sports his whole life as the son of longtime Albuquerque Dukes General Manger Pat McKernan. He began working at the ballpark at the age of 8 and continued until the franchise was sold and moved away in 2000. Michael has experience at doing research and background for the New Mexico Sports Authority.


``I’ve always felt that if you give fans a good product at a reasonable price, it will succeed,’’ says Michael. ``I’ve spent my whole life in promotions, marketing and ticket sales.’’



DENNIS LATTA: As former Sports Editor of the Albuquerque Journal and the former Executive Director of the New Mexico Sports Authority, Dennis brings credibility and name recognition to McKernan Sports and Entertainment. Dennis was a sports writer for the Albuquerque Journal for 24 years and for a decade served as the Sports Editor. He left the Journal in 2004 to take on the role of Executive Director of the state-run Sports Authority.


Dennis offers an expertise in dealing with media, politics and building an organization. He has been heavily involved in all sports in New Mexico for over 30 years.


``I have been looking for an avenue to utilize my background and McKernan Sports and Entertainment is what I was searching for,’’ Dennis commented. ``I think the three of us together offer experience in every aspect of the business of sports.’’