Episode 77

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Episode 77: Part 1 - Host Andres T talks with NASCAR K&N Pro West Driver Anthony Giannone about his racing career and the NAPA Autoparts 150 at NAPA Speedway!  VisitNAPA Speedway for more information!

Episode 77: Part 2 Also on the show, it's all business and Andres T talks business tips with Ana Maben and Markus Romero of ERM (End Result Marketing) about how YOU can grow your business through social media like Facebook & Twitter! Visit End Result Marketing.

Episode 77: Part 3 - Host Andres T talks some hot topics including singing competitions and why they should not let people who have had record deals compete in these competitions!

Part 1 - Anthony Giannone NASCAR K&N Pro Series West Driver

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Part 2 - Marketing Minutes with End Result Marketing

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Part 3 - Hot Topics

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