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About Us

The Mix Media Network is a platform devoted to bring high quality, on-demand media content that appeals to all ages and all demographics. The network is focused on giving you the viewer or listener, the ability to choose different types of media you like and more!


The Mix Media Network was launched in February 2012 with the idea of the network being conceived early in 2011. The network first began with its initial content of "The Mix Talk Radio" hosted by Andres T, The Mix Media Network creator in partnership with McKernan Sports & Entertainment.


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Contact Us

Feel free to contact the network with questions, comments, or just to say hi! We value all input and love to hear from viewers and listeners!

Have an idea for show content? We want to hear from you! We understand the importance of what you like to watch and listen to. Send a message our way and we will work on bringing the media content you love!


Perhaps you want to host your own show? Well guess what... you can! We have many ways you can be on TMMN. You can come into our studios to record or stream live, or you can record your show yourself and send us the file to put on our network site! Just send us a message with your proposal & ideas and we can make things a reality!

If you enjoy our programming and content, please let us know what show you like and why! The Mix Media Network wants to know what your thoughts are!


Thank YOU for listening and watching!